Scout Radio & Electronics Service Unit

Minutes - November Monthly Meeting

Tuesday 8th November 2022, 7.30pm

BATCave, Legana Street, Mount Waverley

Chair: Luke Byrnes

Minutes: Andy King

Meeting Opened: 7.43pm


Luke Byrnes, Andy King, Alice Hayllar, Gemma Nash, Murray Taylor, Glenn Perry, Daniel Gutsell

Online: Philip Adams, Allison Burdon, Alan Kanowitz, Juliet Montague, Bibby Montague


Matt Cengia, Neil Wilson


Alan Stratford, Alberto Scelsi, Alister Blaney, Anders Hamilton, Andrew Canet, Ash Clark, Ben Hodder, Bryan Ackerly, David Timms, Franc Rojo, Hayden McManus, Jenny Adams, Jodie Bedford, Karl Donald, Kent Cochran, Kevin Bedford, Kieran McGuinness, Mark Perkins, Peter Chaplin, Peter Fraser, Peter Robinson, Peter Watkins, Quintin Coutinho, Steven Munro

Action Items Summary

Reference Description Lead Assist
Sep 22 Sep 22
Order JOTA Badges from Scout Shop Andy Kent
Oct 22 Aug 22
Program Planning
Carlton Rover Unit
Plan night
Murray Kent, Neil
Nov 22 Oct 22
Program Planning
Heany Park Joey Unit
Plan night

Meeting Items


Chair's Comments

  • Well done to all who made something of a challenging JOTA Season.
  • Thank you to all for your contribution to the massive success we've seen in 2022. Take a break, spend time with friends and family, and get ready for a massive 2023.
  • Congratulations to our very own Andy King on his new appointment as State Commissioner STEM effective 21/11/2022.
  • It's taking 3 people to replace Andy's contributions to the team to allow him to focus on his new role.
  • Executive meetings will be introduced in 2023 to take some of the business pressure off these meetings.
  • Planning for 2023 will begin, please contact me if you'd like to add something to the agenda/calendar for 2023.
  • December meeting - end of year wrap up dinner - suggestions welcome.

Previous Minutes

It was moved by Murray Taylor and Gemma Nash that the minutes of the Scout Radio Victoria meeting held Tuesday 13th September 2022 be adopted. Carried unanimously.


Account Balance on Monday 7th November 2022
STEM - State Radio (Bendigo Bank) $5,374.63
Cheque Account (ANZ) $0.00
Savings Account (ANZ) $0.00
Total $5,374.63
  • Further details are included in the finance report attached as Appendix 1.

Work Health & Safety (WHS)

Please if you need to while ensure you remain on top of eLearning modules for including WHS as they become due.
  • First Aid Course arrangements for the team to be made over coming months.
  • Access to powerpoints, doorways, etc. at the BATC.
    • Luke will follow this up in 2023.
  • Child Safety - we are all responsible for reporting suspect activity; this can be done anonymously through Scouts Victoria or directly through the Scouting hierarchy.

Program Review

FormationHeany Park Joeys
DateThursday 3rd November, 5.45pm to 6.45pm
LocationHeany Park, Rowville
OverviewFox hunting with puzzle pieces
FormationHeany Park Cubs
DateThursday 3rd November, 7pm to 8.30pm
LocationHeany Park, Rowville
OverviewFox hunting with puzzle pieces; phonetic activities and radio overview

Program Planning

Program Activities - Dates Confirmed

Energy Breakthrough Expo - Sarah Thom

STEM is working in collaboration with Scouts Vic Marketing to run an expo at the Energy Breakthrough Human Powered Vehicle competition for schools in Maryborough (VIC) on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th November. There will be over 7000 school aged participants camping onsite for the event and many more (up to 20,000) visiting over the course of the event. Marketing are running abseiling tower, rope bridge etc. and STEM will be doing a variety of drop in and try activities similar to VicJam TechWorld. I am in need of people who are available to help on those dates and have the skills to run activities such as soldering. There is also scope to include radio-based activities if there are enough people available to staff them. Expressions of interest to Sarah this week please.

  • Let Andy or Sarah know if you're interested in helping out with this.

Program Activities - Dates/Details TBC

ContactVanessa Percy
OverviewWe are a Cub Scout group and have not done any of this before. We have 26 Cubs in our group. I am a mother of one of the Cubs and was looking to send him to a day to learn about Communications please all so we can discuss what can be done
  • Luke, Glenn, and Alli may be available to assist with a weeknight activity. The Unit meets on Thursday nights.
  • Thank you to Glenn for putting together a draft program, Luke with Glenn will discuss offline.

No action required currently

FormationBayside District Cubs
DateTBC, morning/afternoon weekend activity
AssistKent (PA equipment)
ContactKarl Donald
OverviewSee Appendix 2
  • No further planning required by our team at this stage.
  • Looking like occurring during Term 1, 2023

Amateur Events

None this month.

Training Courses

  • Upcoming:
    • Foundation courses to be planned for 2023 to accommodate:
      • Interest from the 4x4 Team to host a course.
      • Interest from Mallee Mud Camp attendees (x2)
      • Interest for Western Vic JOTA to have another course at Cooinda Burrong
      • Interest from MRP team members
      • Interest from Hurstbridge Scouts and Venturers
      • Follow up with registrants from previous course in Geelong who were unable to attend.
      • Current list of interested people is 30 to 40. It would be good to aim for two/three courses first-half 2023 with twelve participants each.

if there is members wanting to do a course around the bendigo/kyneton area we could run a "camp"at Lauriston Scout camp. I am on the committee. Alan says:there is a hall and a lean to meals area

Luke: What resources can we pull together and publish about next steps to Standard and Advanced?

  • General:
    • The Camp Warringal course reinforced that the residential model is good. We do not recommend day courses going forward for amateur assessments unless we know for sure that the pre-study level is there.
    • We may look at standard/advanced exams in 2023 by demand. These would work best by participants following one of the available courses (such as Ron Bertrand's CD) prior to the weekend, then having a 'cram and exam' weekend rather than attempting to cover all content in a course.

Program Support

EventCuboree 2023
Date25 - 29 September 2023
LocationGilwell Park, Gembrook
  • Looking for some form of radio activity for 30 min sessions with 3 sessions each evening for 4 evenings. Cubs in Patrols of up to 10 with leader would book to complete the activity.
  • Update from Murray
    • Half hour activity to run four times in an evening - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
    • Numbers anywhere from a Unit (36) down to a Patrol
    • Murray needs a team to run the activity, as he'll be busy in another capacity.
    • Maree Pascoe is one to reach out to. Bibby is happy to help. Alan K would be happy to be a remote station or similar from home.
    • Site visit 26th - Murray will be attending. Have had a chat with Maree and Kent and both are happy to assist.
    • HTs and play battleships etc. Have a HF station active too. Free play within base, here are the activities on offer? Luke happy to help.
    • May need some minimal day time capacity.
    • Advertising for Star Trek: Survival.

JOTA-JOTI (Friday 14th to Sunday 16th October 2022)

  • We have sold 432 badges to date.
  • 12 Activity Sites registered on VKJOTA

Review of activities:

  • Luke and Matt visited Horsham (Western Vic). Anglesea didn't run a site. Visited Clifford Park.
  • Andy was at the Horsham Scout Hall for a scaled-down Western Vic JOTA. Ran JOTI, Amateur Radio, geocaching, fox hunting, soldering activities.
  • Murray made some contacts from home, mainly along the Peninsula on repeaters.
  • Glenn wasn't able to participate this year.
  • Philip answered a couple of calls from Scouts but a quiet weekend.
  • Juliet and Bibby: Sleepover at Castlemaine Scout Hall. Started off with Joeys - radio, fox hunting, robots, circuits; Cubs - stayed all afternoon; Scouts - all afternoon. Skype (JOTI) was Bibby's favourite aspect. Lots of calls with different groups around the world. Spoke to some Cubs in England who were awake at midnight local time. "Japan seemed to like singing." Spoke to Sweden and Switzerland.
  • On Sunday Luke took Rod to Gilwell Park, Clifford Park, and showed Karl's FT8 setup at a Unit camp. Rod was really impressed with the support provided to youth members to give it a go, and the knowledge and effort of the leaders supporting activities.

Clifford Park - Daniel, Gemma

  • It was a very youth led, adult supported event - one of Daniel's Scouts was very enthusiastic and adults were rarely on the radio while youth members were present.
  • A few Mafeking people went to Clifford Park on Saturday night due to a last minute cancellation due to flooding. Gemma said that it was good to join in and great to see youth members on air. It was also great to see the confidence level increase in a short time. The Clifford shack is a good turn-key venue. Gemma's two-year-old: "It's my turn now." - picked up the mic and called "CQ JOTA"!

It was a challenging JOTA season and we hope for the best next year, and that we are able to get out and do more next year. Thank you to everyone for your involvement this year and don't be disheartened by JOTA 2022.

Support Development

ScoutHike Collaboration

Preliminary meeting held with ScoutHike. Operators will be required for 2023, likely to use a Commercial DMR network to facilitate data transfer. Conversations started with a representative from Motorola who approached us who has previously worked with Scouts NSW to deliver comms solutions for their ScoutHike event. Confirmed they have VHF DMR equipment available, price to be determined.

Advised Scouthike that a proper EOC is required to effectively manage the event across the remote sites to comply with a Scouts Vic Major Event requirements. Less SAR, working to be proactive.

Save the date: 19th to 21st May 2023

Still looking at running amateur stations in 2023 but as a supplementary network.

New Licencee 'Welcome pack'

  • Lead: Neil
  • Thanks to Daniel for preparing some resources. Please provide any feedback you have directly to Daniel.
  • Attached to this month's minutes as Appendix 3.

Scout Radio Victoria Assets

Many of our events are providing opportunities to use more technology to integrate the great outdoors and adventurous activities with technical support and technical program opportunities simultaneously. To support this, obtaining a StarLink Service for hire to events throughout the year will allow "drop in" internet wherever skies are available to provide quality internet facilities.

There is currently a 50% sale until NYE on required infrastructure, making this an appropriate time to purchase assets, in addition to network extension accessories. Total inital investment ~$700 for a $1200 asset.

In a brief overview of events being held in 2023, we'd be able to recover the monthly cost of $140 by charging $150 for an event, and a cheaper hire fee for smaller activities to supplement costs. With approximately 9 events that could/would make use of these services, we'd have a sustainable source of income and provide a quality piece of equipment.

Potential Events include:

  • Surfmoot
  • ScoutHack
  • Anything Goes*
  • Hoadley Hide
  • ScoutHike
  • Mudbash
  • StarTrek: Survival
  • Mt Dandenong Fantastic Race
  • Cuboree/Kangaree
  • Vic Gathering
  • Amateur/Marine Courses
  • Other Training Courses/hire requests

This product would very likely run at a profit based on the use outlined here.

  • How far can you spread it around a venue?
    • We are providing a broadband connection point - satellite dish, Starlink router. Intent to provide infrastructure to provide a cable output to pipe into an existing network.
    • Couple with existing kits such as PtP WiFi through VicRovers
  • 18-24 month trial and evaulate
  • No objections to purchasing this.


Next steps for purchasing?

  • What power rating do we get?
    • 100W
    • Labelling them effectively
    • Luke will talk to Mark offline.
    • Will put out a call when we have details to do a group order.

New Equipment received

Motorola have kindly donated 2x VX-1700's to Scout Radio Victoria. These units are commercial HF and are capable, yet not locked to Amateur frequencies between 1.6 MHz and 30MHz. These are available to borrow, but the Unit should consider purchasing a FC-30 and FC-40 for reliable autotuning (~$800). These units would make great kits. To be explored in 2023.

  • Free VFO
  • Straightforward to use
  • Can't manually adjust power

Program Enrichment

Youth Net

Bibby and Juliet have suggested running a monthly “Youth Net” to give our youth members an opportunity to have their own conversations.

With targeted advertising, this could be a great opportunity to encourage regular Scouting membership engagement. Best starting point would be to make a Youth mailing list to allow coordination and reminders of the net timing.

Bibby is interested in being net controller, assisted by Juliet where required – fortunately, Bibby is a really good operator and will probably be able to manage effectively solo with little guidance and support required.

It is suggested to have it on a specific week night (i.e. 1st Tuesday of the month or something similar) and running over ScoutNet & the VKSCOUT echolink conference server.

For this activity to get the most entry point opportunities to access it, consider:

  • if IRLP linking to ScoutNet can be done simultaneously with Echolink
  • Possibly, even linking to TG1921 on DMR too down the track?
  • Luke will talk to Peter Chaplin about linking options.
  • Separate meeting to discuss logistics. Potentially have Jitsi active during net to troubleshoot.
  • Bibby is happy to act as a net controller with support from Juliet, David Farrell, and others.
  • It would be interesting to run a Friday or Saturday night net to link in with camps - introduction to SCOTA (Scout Camps on the Air)

Planning for 2023

  • 24-26 February - Anything Goes - Lardner Park
  • 18-19 March - John Moyle Field Day
  • 6-10 April - Hoadley Hide
    • Likely running RadioActiv8
  • 6 May - Moorabbin Hamfest
  • 19-21 May - ScoutHike
  • 21 May - Melbourne Region JOTT
  • 9-12 June - Mudbash - Mafeking Rover Park
  • 28-30 July - Star Trek: Survival Pilot Program - Mafeking Rover Park
    • Trial new activities
  • Winter Gathering
  • 4-6 August - Mount Dandenong Fantastic Race
    • RadioActiv8 as event support
  • mid-September - NightOwl
  • 25-29 September - Cuboree - Gilwell Park
  • 20-22 October - JOTA/JOTI
  • 1-3 December - Vic Gathering
  • 8-11 March 2024 - Star Trek: Survival

Other events including ScoutHack and radio training will be planned around these dates in due course.

Scout Radio Victoria meetings will continue to be on the second Tuesday of the month in 2023.


  • Revisit in February 2023
    • Sell old surplus equipment
    • Moorabbin - 6th May 2023
      • Lead: Murray

Additional Business

  • Philip: For Sale, I have approximately 4, good quality, 5 month old, 12v 9AH AGM batteries. $20 each. Email
  • Daniel worked Ukraine on the weekend.

Details of end of year dinner to follow via email. Restaurant. Murray suggests Fat Bobs Bar & Grill.

Meeting Closed: 9.31pm

Next Meeting: End of Year Dinner, Tuesday 13th December

Appendix 1

Scout Radio Victoria - Finance Report

November 2022 Meeting

Prepared Tuesday 13 September 2022

Account Balances

Account Balance on Monday 7th November 2022
STEM - State Radio (Bendigo Bank) $5,374.63
Cheque Account (ANZ) $0.00
Savings Account (ANZ) $0.00
Total $5,374.63

Savings Account (013599 268169069) - ANZ

Date Description Debit Credit Balance
11 Oct '22 Opening Balance $0.00
7 Nov '22 Closing Balance $0.00

Cheque Account (013599 268166933) - ANZ

Date Description Debit Credit Balance
11 Oct '22 Opening Balance $0.00
20 Oct '22 Peter Chaplin
VK3SAJ Callsign 12 months
$55.00 $55.00
26 Oct '22 Transfer to Bendigo Bank Account $55.00 $0.00
7 Nov '22 Closing Balance $0.00

Scouts Victoria STEM - State Radio (633000 190363002) - Bendigo Bank

Date Description Debit Credit Balance
11 Oct '22 Opening Balance $5,995.08
11 Oct '22 Transfer to STEM Purchases
Postage on Foundation Manual
$17.00 $5,978.08
11 Oct '22 Scout Shop
JOTA Badges (300)
$360.00 $5,618.08
11 Oct '22 Transfer to STEM Purchases
Postage on AR Badges to National
$8.10 $5,609.98
11 Oct '22 John Zach
JOTA Badges and Callsign VK3SCP 12 months
$125.00 $5,734.98
12 Oct '22 Mark Perkins
Purchase Radio
$10.00 $5,744.98
13 Oct '22 Transfer to STEM Purchases
Parts for Fox Hunting Key
$2.90 $5,742.08
13 Oct '22 Transfer to STEM Purchases
Fluro Starters for BATC
$4.50 $5,737.58
14 Oct '22 Transfer to STEM Purchases
Prepaid Internet
$30.00 $5,707.58
15 Oct '22 Philip Adams
Reimburse Amateur Exams
$630.00 $5,077.58
15 Oct '22 1st Mont Albert/9th Box Hill
JOTA Badges and VK3SBH Callsign 12 months
$123.00 $5,200.58
18 Oct '22 Camp Warringal
Venue Hire for Amateur Course
$70.00 $5,130.58
20 Oct '22 Keysborough Scout Group $30.00 $5,160.58
20 Oct '22 Philip Adams
Reimburse Callsign Recommendations
$200.00 $4,960.58
21 Oct '22 Western Vic JOTA
VK3SAW Callsign 12 months
$55.00 $5,015.58
21 Oct '22 Rachel Edwards
JOTA Badges
$68.00 $5,083.58
26 Oct '22 Okindu W.
$50.00 $5,133.58
26 Oct '22 ANZ Bank Account
Transfer from ANZ - VK3SAJ Callsign 12 months
$55.00 $5,188.58
1 Nov '22 Interest $0.05 $5,188.63
4 Nov '22 Western Vic JOTA
JOTA Badges
$118.00 $5,306.63
7 Nov '22 1st Mt Evelyn
JOTA Badges
$50.00 $5,374.63
7 Nov '22 Closing Balance $5,424.63

Appendix 2

Outstanding Program Requests

FormationMoreland Darebin District Joeys Day/1st Reservoir
SectionJoeys Cubs
AssistAndy, Alli, Luke, Kevin, Neil
ContactAlison (District Leader)
OverviewActivity day for 12 Joey Units in Moreland Darebin District.
  • Andy will touch base to gauge interest in revisiting this activity request, and to see if they are on board to assist with organising the day.
FormationPascoe Vale
DateMonday nights
LocationCumberland Road, Pascoe Vale
ContactWu Phie
Overview"I would like to introduce our Cubs to the world of amateur radio, its potential and how it fits in with Scouts and the wider world. Do you have activities/ services which fit this? How do book some of Scout Radio Victoria time and resources? When is the earliest time I can book in? What is required on our end? I look forward to discussing with you."
Formation1st Glen Iris
DateWednesday evenings
ContactMike Lukins
Overview50 scouts. "What do you offer that would be interesting / fun for a scout troop such as ours?"
Formation4th Brunswick Scouts
DateMonday evenings, 7pm - 9pm
ContactKim Anderson
Overview30 - 40 scouts. "We'd love to run a fox hunting night or electronics kit building night."
Formation1st Wheelers Hill Scouts
ContactBrooke Whiteside
OverviewLooking for "a few radio activities" on a Saturday. "How long do these activities take?"
Formation1st Alfredton
DateTerm 4?
LocationBallarat District
ContactSarah Brackenridge, AGL/SL
OverviewRequest for Radio Team visit to a Scout night, details to follow
  • Ideally we would aim for an activity pre-JOTA with involvement from the Ballarat Amateur Radio Group to build on this relationship.

Appendix 3

Resource Pack

Prepared by Daniel Gutsell.