Scout Radio Victoria

Minutes - February Monthly Meeting

Tuesday 13th February 2023, 7.30pm

BATCave, Legana Street, Mount Waverley

Chair: Luke Byrnes

Minutes: Alice Hayllar

Meeting Opened: 7:40pm


Luke Byrnes, Alice Hayllar, Andy King, Daniel Gutsell, Philip Adams, Kent Cochran

Online: Gemma Nash, Matt Cengia, Mark Perkins, Allison Burdon, Murray Taylor, Anders Hamilton, Karl Donald, Bryan Ackerly


Col Herbert, Ross Swinton, Alan Stratford, Jodie Bedford, Kevin Bedford, Peter Chaplin, Juliet Montague, Bibby Montague


Neil Wilson, Steven Munro, Alan Kanowitz, Jenny Adams, Alberto Scelsi, Alister Blaney, Andrew Canet, Ash Clark, Ben Hodder, Bryen Ackerly, David Timms, Franc Rojo, Peter Watkins

Meeting Items


Chair's Comments

Previous Minutes

It was moved by Murray Taylor and Daniel Gutsell that the minutes of the Scout Radio Victoria meeting held Tuesday 8th November 2022 be adopted. Carried unanimously.


Looking at how we interact with the wider organisation, the name has a long and proud history.

We are looking to do a rebrand to Scout Radio Victoria in order to celebrate the history and past and to move forward to show we primarily work with Radio with the STEM team working on more of the electronics side of things

We will enshrine the old name on the webste to show where we have come from.

Unanimously voted yes to the name change, moving forward we will be known as Scout Radio Victoria with a G2 to be submitted as a result.


Account Balance on Monday 13th February 2022
STEM - State Radio (Bendigo Bank) $8,911.61

Starlink bought, Douglass Ahearn has been asked to kit it out to make it 'plug and play' in order to make it easy to hire it out.

Some income came in from badge sales.

Hope to make enough income to be able to have the ability purchase a 705 unit eventually

Work Health & Safety (WHS)

Program Review

Energy Breakthrough Expo - Sarah Thom & Andy King

Last year the STEM team went to an Energy Breakthrough Expo

  • Human powered vehicale racing
  • 3D printing
  • Robot soldering
  • Marketing team brought abseiling tower

Great amount of activities across the 2 days of the event, overall it was great

Program Planning

Program Activities - Dates Confirmed

OAS Expo - Lake Boga 19 Feb

Andy to discuss

Luke's inital reaction was not to be involved, due to how busy we were last year, how many resources needed for JOTA/JOTI and that we all deserved a break. Didn't see the value to bring in a team to run a 45 min activity for an unknown amount of people up at the Murray didn't see worth it.

Andy: STEM will be there not so much to deliver an activity but more broadly as an information stand, have a few things to talk people through, what we do as science within STEM, the Radio Team, etc. so it is more of an information stand than actually running an activity.

Program Enrichment

Program Sustainability - the Year of You

Our Trello Program Board

Luke has created a trello board because the inbox and minutes are not a sustainable way to manage the program requests.

Trello is a visual representation of a white board or pinboard for tasks. We can create cards that allow us to store information on them and move them around the board in order to keep track of progress.

Luke pulled this together in the last 2 hours, using the Berwick cubs request into a card, a request that has been copied verbatim, adding contact details for the person who requested. As the query comes through we can assign people to the card or 'task' so we can see who has been assigned to the cards to allow people to see their to do list easier.

Labels can be created to be able to quickly see what each task is, such as section, 'district', 'major event', etc.

There are template cards found at the far left of the board that allows you to make a copy of them so that everything needed is there. This includes New Program Requests, Training Courses and Equipment requests.

These include a Plan > Do > Review so we can all follow the same template to ensure everyone gets equal and consistent programming from us, and we can continually improve how and what we deliver.

The focus is on outcome based achievements for the groups so we can focus on what they want out of the activities.

We can set reminders in order to be able make sure the activities are planned and completed.

We can add people to specific tasks as well in order to make sure everyone is on the same page.

MattCen - Custom fields (part of the standard plan) would be worthwhile, I think

When you have taken on a task, the card should be moved to the pending section.

If there is something stopping you from executing the program, e.g. not enough foxes for fox hunting, you can move the card to the blocked section so it can be looked at by Luke or Andy in order to find a solution.

Once the problem is solved it can be put back in pending, and then once the program has been executed it can be moved to completed and once the review is completed at the meeting the card can be saved and archived.

More than 40 requests were made last year, and it was not able to be properly managed. When a request has been made an email will be sent out to say there has been an update including a link to the board.

Being the Year of You, if you are really struglling with Trello you can chat to anyone in the team who is more adept with the program that can make the updates for you.

This is a tedious tool, but it is a tedious task that has to be done, it will be better managed with everyone helping than just the one person.

This is entirely experimental and a work in progress that will slowly be improved.

Personal goal to just give things a crack in order to get the ball rolling rather than waiting for it to be perfect first. Any comments on trello?

Phil - It's always good to give things a try

Luke - the transparency is the key with this and it shares the responsibility with everyone, I was pushed to trello because it is extensible in its functions and can be linked to many applications (?definitely missed bits). We can extend Trello functionality by integrating with our hire forms etc.

It will also increase transparency accountability and feasablility.

It automates our workflow and shows the holes in the bucket.

Gemma has plenty of suggestions

MattCen sees integration work in his future

Thumbs up online from Anders, Gemma, Karl, MattCen, Alli and Murry

Mark will need to play more to understand

In the agenda there is a link to the resource centre which has the link to the Trello board, you can sign up with a gmail account etc. once you have your microsoft accounts from scouts you will need to add them too.

When majority are on the board the link will be removed to prevent unwanted people joining the trello board. From this point forward it will be done as an invite only.

Only put contact details for phone number and email if they are provided for privacy. When you join Scouts Vic you agree that your contact details can be used in a business perspective. Only use personal information for conducting the business and nothing else. This is a business tool used for business purposes.

Online security is pretty good, we will always ensure that we check that before moving forward with anything.

If you want someone else to update anything on the Trello board for you please reach out, always happy to help.

Looking to get our response times down to 72 hours, and distributing the workload across the team thorugh Trello is a great way to do that.

Mark suggested putting offline conversation in Trello to ensure they happen

Leader of Adults Conference Outcomes

Andy attended morning sessions and they spoke about team culture, big picture, the values of teams.

Luke attended 3 afternoon session including digital transformation, EOC experiences, and supporting Youth program.

Digital transformation

Every adult member of Scouting will be given a Microsoft O365 account. Everyone will also get a Scouts Victoria mailbox of their name and membership number.

This will allow reliability of service, provide wider contact with members of Scouts Vic, easier to book and contact while also having authorisation of members.

We have already begun the transformation for booking and other things. You are welcome to set up forwarding emails, however moving forward once set up we will be using the Scouts Vic emails to communicate.

As much as Luke is being prescriptive in our use of it, he noted he generally dislikes Microsoft, so know that as much as he is pushing for this it's a cringe too.

  • Kent - I am looking forward to you setting mine up

Distribution lists are also being worked on.

Program Activities - Dates/Details TBC

Reviewed Trello

Amateur Events

John Moyle Memorial Field Day

Wanting to make this like a second JOTA. We want to make this better planned than last time, it is the 17th -19th March. We want to encourage people to set up at locations and participate. Mafeking Radio are planning to set up at Mafeking, which also happens to be the Mafeking 30th so it is a big opportunity to get radio out there.

Luke will chat to Mafeking about doing a hybrid event. There will be a large number of people there for the 30th dinner on the Saturday. Looking to create a big event for John Moyle as an invite to explore radio for the weekend, seems to be the best place to put our resources into.

Confirm who is interested in activating stations at specific loctions to advertise to the wider Scouting community to join and make the event accessible.

Andy would like to set one up in Western Vic but will be at Mafeking.

Daniel will be at Mafeking

Gemma will be at VK3SCM except for the 9pm - 12am block. VK3SCM need a win after losing JOTA last year

Phil, Kent, Karl, and Alice are busy

Scrap the plan of making a distributed John Moyle and instead do an accessible large event at Mafeking for the 30th weekend.

Training Courses

Foundation Amateur Courses

Dates proposesd:

  • 31 March 2023 - 2 April 2023
  • 2 June 2023 - 4 June 2023

Phil is available, Luke is available, Kent can do Sundays

Can we try for another date? 11-14 from 4 x 4, 2 from malley mud camp, 4(?) from western Vic, Geelong missed attendance because of leader conflict still keen, roughly 30 people currently expressing interest before advertisement. Karl has 3 scouts wanting to attend the course.

Attempt to get another date this half of the year, Luke and Phil to discuss offline. 5-7th May 2023 as a potential date, lightly pencilled in. (cant remember how to strikethrough)

Daniel is pencilled in for 2-4 June 2023 (?)

Luke will find some venues, Camp Warringal, Mafeking, Clifford Park. Only advertise 2 as the 4x4 team will be able to fill a course themselves.


Dates proposed:

6 May 2023 @ GSWAC

  • Foundation courses to be planned for 2023 to accommodate:
    • Interest from the 4x4 Team to host a course.
    • Interest from Mallee Mud Kamp attendees (x2)
    • Interest for Western Vic JOTA to have another course at Cooinda Burrong
    • Interest from MRP team members
    • Interest from Hurstbridge Scouts and Venturers
    • Follow up with registrants from previous course in Geelong who were unable to attend.

Program Support

Support Development

Youth Net

No development at this time, to be followed up with this month offline.

Echolink is a struggle with youth registering, can be overcome, however mindful it is a barrier.

Scout radio Victoria have 4 talk groups on DMR (1921 - 1924)

It works really well, if we can link it into IRLP and Echolink, DRM bridge it will allow more accessibility. Most important thing is getting radio in hand.

Kent has concerns around linking DMR and Echolink but is happy hearing we have control over it.

It is a well dispersed network with very limited access points.

Would like to eventually buy some hotspots to send out with the radios.


  • To-do:
    • Identify old surplus equipment (after meeting - tag with a sticker)
    • Book Moorabbin - 6th May 2023

Luke and Daniel wil be doing some construction stuff for Hoadley on Sunday roughly 10am-4pm, a very informal working bee. Kent has been asked to come and identify what our old radios are in order to see what we can take to Hamfest to clear out our inventory.

Happy to take promotional stuff to Hamfest, this is not a recruitment opportunity, mindful to do targeting recruitment.

Murry suggested having something to show that yes we do exist this is who we are, suggestion of wearing uniform.

Scout Uniform or Appropriate Scouting Attire such as ScoutRadio tshirt in order to show we are Scouts. Bear in mind it is going to be a dirty environment when deciding what to wear.

Do we want to get new team shirts? - to be discussed at a later meeting

Booking needs to be done quickly.

One table should be enough at least with SRV equipment, welcome to sell personal gear but let us know so that we can accomodate in regards to number of tables to book.

ScoutHike 20/21 May 2023

Show of hands for availability to assist and preferred SP Team.

Luke has attended meetings, they have requested our support and want us there.

  • Daniel is available with no preference
  • Karl is available
  • Gemma is a maybe
  • Murry is unavailable - same weekend as JOTT
  • Mark unknown, must check dates with better half
  • Kent is unsure, most likely only the sunday, will know closer to the date
  • Phil only availble if twilight sailing falls apart, will only know a week before
  • Andy avaiable and same sleep point as last time is fine

Previous arrangement 50c/kid + an auxillory amount

Last year was $2000 for the service, which is not much compared to what they are charging

There is no point creating a event radio team as it will be too unexperienced. We provide $6000+ worth of personal equipment, and a lot of knowledge that cannot be replaced.

Luke is in contact with Motorolla to be able to provide appropriate equipment to match our experience and knowledge and that needs of ScoutHike will be covered.

Plan is to get a VHF DMR Repeater, DMR Base station at every sleep point that uses that repeater.

If it doesnt work effectively this year we will use 2m amateur as back up, only change this year is moving to VHF DMR from 2m commercial.

Potential to move to a trunk network, dependant on whats available in the state forrest.

Long term allows to not just support ScoutHike but to also provide program at it. If we rent and buy simultaniously it allows us to grow our product to reduce costs over time. This can eventually lead to having scouts able to check in at their activities themselves over radio.

For us to facilitate this event, the man hours and dollar value, could shut down the event. As much as we are amatuer operators, we as a team are having less flexibility in our teams with availabilities.

Any questions?

Kent - We could possibly hire a couple more frequencies that would help

Luke - when we hire from externals the intention is to hire some ferquencies as well

This year At least 8 base station + VHF repeater

Next year double it? give 4x4 access to same network

Computer to be able to send critical messages - digital messaging

before exploring digital messaging as an option, power needs was looked into, it can be done on a 12v

Kent - Just need to see how many excess radios we have

Motorolla hire is going to be costly, but commercial is the direction we need to go into. Other amateurs have interupted the communications at the event in the past.

Benefit of EOC is immediate communications.

Our numbers are getting lower in availabilities, therefore setting up a system to allow anyone to be able to pick up and do the communications on the radios is the ideal situation.

Proposal to purchase 2 dmr(VHF?) units from motorolla, and hire the rest paid for by scouthike.

CFA may have some P25 allowing us to piggy back off of. It is capable of some data. May be cheaper option but means that we're also reliant on another third party.

Benefit of DMR is the 6.25 bandwidth per channel, provides free channels to use which is cheaper from an effort perspective.

The more radios we have out there the more repeaters needed, so the more channel spacing the better off we are.

Basic requirements it needs to be digital VHF int he forrest.

Motorolla confirmed to have stock to run this event, highly likely to end up in a long term deal to use them for all our events.

Matty McKernan did a talk on EOC and using it for events and how important it is. Luke is wanting to get him to talk to ScoutHike as it is needed for the event.

New Licencee 'Welcome pack'

  • Lead: Neil
  • Thanks to Daniel for preparing some resources. Please provide any feedback you have directly to Daniel.

Available on Github

Scout Radio Victoria Assets

Purchased. Currently with Douglas Ahearn VK3DXA who is constructing a mobile support kit for the appliance.

It is currently sitting with Douglass in order to

$200 to hire for an event such as Surmfoot or Mudbash, $100 for just the committee, $50 for smaller events such as our courses.


Next steps for purchasing? Proposal required.

Mark thought it was passed back to someone else back in Novemebr, to be followed up offline. Possible issue with over purchase. Want more than 100 watts

Additional Business

Kent - Cuboree 9am-9pm, scheduled activities both during the day and in the evening. Wednesday is the only day we may run all day as that is the Joey day. Nothing happenign during the day the rest of the event, only night activities.

Kent would like a list of all previous licence course participants, recieved a excel doc and does not want to open, would like help to draft a letter to send out asking for help.

When we start to purchase radios, I would like to ensure we purchase type-approved radios for non-amateurs. If we are movnig down the path of using more commercial we need to follow these guidelines.

Luke - There are 2 purchases, personal and group, outstanding purchase for radios specifically for the amateurs not for commercial use

Kent - Simmico should be at avalon airport, there may be some equipment available

ACMA have sent a radio repeater invoice for VK3RRC, Andy and Kent will discuss offline

Phil - Jenny and I assisted at a Sea-Scout gathering, over 100 people, 60 ish scouts, made extensive use of radio including people practicing recently got to have a go under strict supervision, a lot of excitement

Looking to happen again next year the week before surfmoot, a brief heads up we may be asked to run more radio courses, and may get asked to do basic communications techniques for venturers too young to do the licence.

Some people are keen to get their kids more experienced in radio techniques and procedures, so may be something in our future.

Luke - Scout section putting on a Scout Event in January called Explore It! 7th - 13th Jan, we will likely be asked to provide some activities for it.

Daniel - Kanderstag are running a JOTI event this weekend

Andy - note that Explore It might like help with EOC, site communications.

Murry - need to chat with Juliette and Bibby re Bibby's possible attendance at Cuboree, following conversation had, Challenge cards reminder

Alice, Mark, Brian, Karl, Gemma have nothing to report.

Meeting Closed: 9:51pm

Next Meeting: Tuesday 13th March

Appendix 1

Scout Radio Victoria - Finance Report

February 2023 Meeting

Prepared Monday 12 February 2023


Account Balance on Monday 13th February 2023
STEM - State Radio (Bendigo Bank) $8,911.61

Scouts Victoria STEM - State Radio (633000 190363002) - Bendigo Bank

Date Payment Reference Credit Debit Balance
Opening Balance 5,374.63 5,374.63
08 Nov 2022 Payment: 1st Bannockburn Scout Group SPOT 50.00 5,424.63
10 Nov 2022 Payment: 1st Inverloch Cubs JOTA Badges 68.00 5,492.63
11 Nov 2022 Payment: Heany Park Cub Unit Activity Night 155.00 5,647.63
22 Nov 2022 Payment: Heany Park Joey Unit Activity Night 85.00 5,732.63
30 Nov 2022 Payment: Sunraysia District JOTA JOTI JOTA Badges 11.10 5,743.73
30 Nov 2022 Bank Transfer from STEM Purchases to State Radio STEM Purchases to SRV (Adjustment) 30.83 5,774.56
01 Dec 2022 Payment: 1st Warrandyte JOTA Badges 38.00 5,812.56
01 Dec 2022 Bank Transfer from State Radio to STEM Purchases Labels 38.48 5,774.08
01 Dec 2022 Bank Transfer from State Radio to STEM Purchases Labels 0.50 5,773.58
01 Dec 2022 Bendigo Bank Interest 0.04 5,773.62
07 Dec 2022 Bank Transfer from State Radio to STEM Purchases Domain Names 164.06 5,609.56
08 Dec 2022 Andy KING (...905) Reimburse purchase of 2 TV stands 50.00 5,559.56
12 Dec 2022 Scouts Victoria Trailer Insurance 183.15 5,376.41
12 Dec 2022 Payment: Scouts Victoria STEM Electronics Kits 162.50 5,538.91
12 Dec 2022 Payment: 12th Caulfield Scout Group SPOT 50.00 5,588.91
14 Dec 2022 Payment: 1st Wodonga Scout Group JOTA Badges 5.10 5,594.01
14 Dec 2022 Payment: Will ALGAR (...685) Callsign Recommendation 35.00 5,629.01
20 Dec 2022 Payment: Jess HAY (...648) Callsign Recommendation 35.00 5,664.01
20 Dec 2022 Payment: Black Flats Rover Unit Fox Hunting 25.00 5,689.01
22 Dec 2022 Payment: Noah CONNELL (...536) Callsign Recommendation 35.00 5,724.01
23 Dec 2022 Payment: Bay Park JOTA/JOTI Callsign VK3SBP 55.00 5,779.01
31 Dec 2022 Bank Transfer from State Radio to STEM Purchases Starlink 450.00 5,329.01
01 Jan 2023 Bendigo Bank Interest 0.05 5,329.06
03 Jan 2023 Payment: Brett NICHOLAS Amateur Operator Badges 26.10 5,355.16
14 Jan 2023 Payment: Nic HOUGHTON (...910) Callsign Recommendation 35.00 5,390.16
16 Jan 2023 Payment: Joanne HAMILTON Old JOTA Badges 4.20 5,394.36
29 Jan 2023 Payment: Toni ARCHER Old JOTA Badges 4.20 5,398.56
01 Feb 2023 Bendigo Bank Interest 0.05 5,398.61
10 Feb 2023 Scouts Victoria 2022 Training Income 3,463.00 8,861.61
13 Feb 2023 Payment: Black Flats Rover Unit Fox Hunting & Starlink 50.00 8,911.61
Closing Balance 8,911.61 8,911.61