Scout Radio Victoria

Minutes - June Monthly Meeting

Tuesday 13th June 2023, 7.30pm

BATCave, Legana Street, Mount Waverley

Chair: Luke Byrnes

Minutes: Andy King

Meeting Opened: 7:30pm


Luke Byrnes, Andy King, Mark Perkins, Kent Cochran, Damien Kuzek, Karl Donald, Murray Taylor, Neil Wilson, Manos Avtzis, Dimitrios Karagiannis, Gemma Nash, Daniel Gutsell

Online: Philip Adams, Fiona Macdonald, Col Herbert, Steven Pemberton, Bryan Ackerly, Peter Macdonald


Matt Cengia, Sarah Thom, Alice Hayllar, Jenny Adams, Ben Hamilton


Meeting Items


Chair's Comments

Previous Minutes


Account Balance on 10th June 2023
STEM - State Radio (Bendigo Bank) $9,041.37

Further details are included in the finance report attached as Appendix 1.

Work Health & Safety (WHS)

Program Review

  • Planning to do some publicity in August for mid-week activity offerings as we've been quiet on these so far this year.

Program Planning

Trello update

Trello Card Review

Review Blocked and In Progress

  • The notes below are not exhaustive. For full updates on items, please refer to the relevant Trello card. Notable items are listed below.


  • eDM info to be consolidated with a STEM eDM and issued early next week.


  • Repeaater Trailer Clark Mast - some issues with mounting bolts and seals to be investigated and possibly replaced.

Parks On The Air - Sandringham Cubs (Karl Donald)

  • Worked well, some gaps in planning but a successful event. Challenge Card to follow.

Amateur Events

  • VK Shires Contest -
    • Consider for Mudbash open day in future.
  • Museum and Ships contest - see Trello card.
    • Not actioned this year, investigate options for next time.

Training Courses

Foundation Amateur Courses

Foundation Course @ Camp Warringal, 2/6/2023 - 4/6/2023

Cancelled due to insufficient attendees - deposit forfeited due to late notice.

Luke will investigate options about reducing costs to make courses more accessible but the examination and assessment costs make up a large component of our fee. Subsidies may be available for youth members to attend.

Future Courses

Aim for a course in the West (suburban or rural) in the later half of the year - considering Geelong or Ballarat.

  • Foundation courses to be planned for 2023 to accommodate:
    • Interest from Hurstbridge Scouts and Venturers
    • Interest from Mallee Mud Kamp attendees (x2)
    • Interest for Western Vic JOTA to have another course at Cooinda Burrong
    • Interest from MRP team members
    • Follow up with registrants from previous course in Geelong who were unable to attend.

Looking to run a course six weeks out from JOTA and one following JOTA. Some work to be done to see if we can get the LMS set up by then.

AOCP Advanced Theory

The survey results for Advanced Amateur Course have been collated and a proposal for a training model to run from Jan - Jul 2024 is attached to the Trello card. Please provide any feedback via the Trello card.

Marine Radio Course

SRCOP Course @ GSWAC, 6 May 2023

Two Scouting participants registered, course was integrated with Sailing Club course delivery. All participants were successful.

Program Enrichment

Radio Rally 2023

  • Radio Technical training weekend at Mafeking Rover Park, 28-30 July 2023.
  • Event will be conference style and cover both soft skills (e.g. youth program delivery) and hard skills (crimping connectors, setting up repeater trailer, programming radios)
  • Bring any activities you have run with youth members to discuss and compare program delivery.
    • Fill in Challenge Card system beforehand. Details to follow.
  • Open to Scouting members from outside the team. Cost to include camping and catering.
  • If there are any topics you would like to run a session on, please add to the Trello card.
  • Looking at closing registrations mid-July - using a targeted sign-up campaign.

Program Support

ScoutHike 20/21 May 2023

Melbourne Region JOTT

  • 107 participants, communications and the event as a whole went well.
  • Scouts Canada has wrapped up the official JOTT program but Murray has been asked if it will continue in Melbourne Region - watch this space.
  • A great example of youth as radio operators - Will Algar (Venturer). Thank you to Daniel for his work encouraging Will with radio.


  • Thanks to all who attended ScoutHike 2023. Your patience and professionalism keep the event operational despite the challenging nature of the event.
  • Thanks to Peter Chaplin for providing Repeater Support in the lead-up to the event.
  • Invoice will be sent to ScoutHike this week.
  • Thank you to those who have sent feedback, please add to the Trello card as a comment.
  • RSR is on about 10W (but can go up to 100W if trailer power is no issue). Maximum output of system for commercial is 5W.
  • Significant signal degradation on Sunday morning due to generator not going on repeater early enough.
  • Thank you for your support and patience with check-in and checkout processes during the event. ScoutHike have accepted our offer for assistance in this space. Looking to establish a working group to look into this.
  • SRV/STEM port forwarding phone number could be used for this event as a central contact number.

Night Owl 2023

Date revised to move the event back to 8-10/9/2023.

They would like to use RadioActiv8 to run the event after demonstrating its success last year, allowing up-to-date patrol tracking and youth member radio communications functionality.

As such our support requirements are:

  • Fresh RadioActiv8 instance and computer infrastructure (2-4 laptops + network are ok).
  • 3x staff at HQ to run RA8.
  • Radio Operators to assist guiding patrols to use radios at each of the 5 bases where required.
  • 2x VHF DMR radios (total 12) per base to minimize radio queues when checking into and out of the bases.
  • Maps (@mattcen)
  • Luke is unlikely to be able to attend during the event so looking for someone to take lead.

JOTA 2023 - Friday October 20 to Sunday October 22

At the August meeting we will discuss what makes your JOTA event successful.

Gilwell Park - Boost

Boost 2023 (Bay Park Boost) are now at Gilwell. Ged Hook has asked to discuss JOTA at Gilwell with people who have previously run JOTA at the site to discuss what works for them, and was invited to join us this evening.

  • Luke and Kent will discuss with Ged.
  • It has been poiinted out to Ged that, to deliver radio program, the Storm Hut is a requirement.

Daniel is planning to be at Boost. Philip may be available for Boost if Nillumbik do not run an event.

Other JOTA Notes

  • Some work taking place to look at how we effectively manage JOTA this year using Trello for internal comms, and VKJOTA for publicity.
    • Watch this space for Trello details. If you have ideas please add them to the relevant Trello card.
  • Aiming to have VKJOTA ready for 2023 shortly.
  • Col will be running a JOTA event at Gunbower Island
  • Start planning earlier this year for ICOM loan radios.


Request for provision of UHF handheld radios, approx ~20, for 17-19/11/2023. Luke will follow up.

Explore It

Request for provision of operations radios for January 2024. Luke will follow up.

Support Development

Scout Radio Victoria Assets

  • New DMR radios received and configured in time for ScoutHike.

Additional Business

  • Mark: Request for page numbers on documents (e.g. comms plans)
  • Bulk Powerwerx order to be placed, please comment product code and quantity on Trello card.
  • Dimitrios: equipment for Group - talk to Luke after meeting.
  • Luke: investigating data transfer between DMR radios. We will be purchasing Raspberry Pis with 12V board and 4G module in a case. If anyone is interested in joining the order comment on the Trello card.
  • Bryan is available for Boost to assist with fox hunting if required.

Meeting Closed: 9.25pm

Next Meeting: Tuesday 11th July 2023, 7.30pm at the BATC, Legana Street, Mount Waverley

Appendix 1 - Finance Report

June 2023 Meeting

Prepared 10 June 2023

STEM - State Radio (Bendigo Bank)

Date Description Reference Debit Credit Running Balance
State Radio
Opening Balance 0 9,266.43 9,266.43
9-May-23 Kent COCHRAN (...314) Funds from Ham Fest sales 0 742 10,008.43
9-May-23 Philip Adams Reimbursement for printing 3.20 0 10,005.23
9-May-23 Bank Transfer from State Radio to STEM Purchases Starlink 174 0 9,831.23
11-May-23 Bank Transfer from STEM Purchases to State Radio Return of excess funds Battery Boxes 0 20.06 9,851.29
11-May-23 Bank Transfer from State Radio to STEM Purchases Battery Boxes 200 0 9,651.29
12-May-23 Philip Adams Marine Course 445 0 9,206.29
17-May-23 Bank Transfer from State Radio to STEM Purchases Radio docs folder 35 0 9,171.29
18-May-23 Bank Transfer from State Radio to STEM Purchases Sout Hike incidentals 50 0 9,121.29
19-May-23 Site Comm Pty Ltd Programming Cables 89 0 9,032.29
31-May-23 Bank Transfer from STEM Purchases to State Radio Balance ScoutHike incidentals 0 14 9,046.29
31-May-23 Luke BYRNES (...854) Printing 5 0 9,041.29
1-Jun-23 Bendigo Bank Interest 0 0.08 9,041.37
Total State Radio 1,001.20 776.14 9,041.37
Closing Balance 0 9,041.37 9,041.37
Total 1,001.20 776.14 -225.06