Scout Radio & Electronics Service Unit

Meeting Minutes - July Monthly Meeting

Tuesday 13th July 2021, 7.30pm

BATCave, Legana Street, Mount Waverley

Chair: Luke Byrnes

Minutes: Andy King

Meeting Opened: 7.35pm


Andy King, Luke Byrnes, Neil Wilson, Kent Cochran, Philip Adams, Murray Taylor, Matt Cengia, Allison Burdon, Bryan Ackerly, Sarah Thom, Gemma Nash, Mark Perkins


Peter Chaplin, Karen Merlo, Jodie Bedford, Erin Bedford, Kevin Bedford, Greg Lipschitz, Alan Stratford, Jenny Adams

Action Items Summary

A summary of previous outstanding action items and those arising from this meeting is included below.

Expected Delivery Reference Description Lead Assist
Jul 2021 Jul 2021 > VicJam Establish a subcommittee to plan for VicJam Philip
Jul 2021 Jul 2021 > Admin > Finance Invoice ScoutHike, Hoadley Hide Allison
Jul 2021 Jul 2021 > Program Planning > Activities Contact with Hallam Scouts Luke Allison
Jul 2021 Jul 2021 > Program Planning > Activities Contact 1st Reservoir Joey Unit Neil Luke
Aug 2021 Jul 2021 > Program Planning > Activities Plan 4th Brunswick Cub Unit Night Murray
Aug 2021 Jul 2021 > Program Planning > Activities > JOTA Contact Brett Nicholas re: JOTA Badge Design Luke
Aug 2021 Jul 2021 > VicJam VicJam gear availability inventory using Google Forms/Sheets Philip
Aug 2021 Jul 2021 > Program Planning > Activities Contact 1st Sandringham Cub Unit Murray
Aug 2021 Jul 2021 > Program Planning > Activities Contact Sue Keks re: Boroondara District Cubs Day Murray
Aug 2021 Jul 2021 > Finance > Bank Account Updates Paperwork to change bank account signatories Andy
Aug 2021 Jul 2021 > VicJam Follow up on FM transmitter request for VicJam FM
Sep 2021 Jul 2021 > VicJam VicJam Adult Registration --- ---
Sep 2021 Jul 2021 > VicJam Past course attendees Luke Philip, Kent
Sep 2021 Jul 2021 > VicJam Contact Icom and WIA for sponsorship capabilities for VicJam
Sep 2021 Jun 2021 > 6.b.ii.1 COVID Management Plan for ARISS
Sep 2021 Jul 2021 > Program Support > ScoutHike Liaise with ScoutHike re: equipment Kevin? Kent
Oct 2021 Jul 2021 > Program Planning > Activities > JOTA Construct additional Fox Hunting equipment Bryan
Nov 2021 Jul 2021 > VicJam WSPR station setup for VicJam

Meeting Items


Luke welcomed all team members and guests.

Investiture Ceremony



Account Balances

Account Balance on Tuesday 13th July 2021
Cheque Account $5,415.85
Savings Account $7,436.70

Outstanding Finance Items

Bank Account Updates

Program Review

Marine SROCP Training Course at Ivanhoe (Sunday 27th June 2021)

Foundation Amateur Radio Course at Geelong (Saturday 10th/Sunday 11th July 2021)

Program Enrichment

Providing Quality Programs

A workshop was held at the end of the meeting to discuss Plan>Do>Review> activity cards.

The following activities were documented:

Program Planning


Program Activities

Hallam Scout Group (Nagy Mourad)

I am the Group Leader of the Hallam Scouts and I would like to explore available programs and suitability for numerous sections please, I can then get section leaders to discuss details including dates. We have all sections from Joeys to Venturers but in varied numbers. Thank you

1st Reservoir Joey Scouts (Phillip Bailey)

Hi there, I manage the 1st Reservoir Joey Group. I've seen your advert for activities in this weeks edition of Be Informed. What introduction activities could I organise with you for my Joey section please? Regards Phil

4th Brunswick Cubs - Thursday 19th August, 6.30pm

4th Brunswick have a 40-strong Cub pack ... Brian - I would like to borrow at least two more foxhunt sniffers, and would like to have 2-3 more team members on hand, with activities.

I hope to have 4 off ISM band HT units with me for them to try message passing, but if someone else can provide some indoor activities (andy Image transmission?, anyone phonetic nought/crosses etc? ) to create some rotations.

I might be able to establish an external operator to 'have a chat' with the Cubs on 2m.

1st Sandringham Cubs

Interested in finding out more about activities for Cubs, possibly a fox hunting activity.

Boroondara District (Sue Keks) - Saturday 11th September

We're having an activity day for the District cubs, very much along the STEM lines, and the cubs have specifically asked for fox hunting! Can I also ask what the electronics kit building would involve - costs, time required, facilities required (eg indoor/ outside under a marquee), whether we could cycle 150 cubs through? Now that I've seen it on the list, I'm curious! (Had been thinking of cubs moving round bases of somewhere around 30-45 mins each) PS that's 1st Balwyn (my home pack) with Murray Taylor in the photo!!

JOTA/JOTI 2021 - Friday 15th to Sunday 17th October 2021

Amateur Events

  • ALARA Contest (Saturday 28th/Sunday 29th August 2021)
    • This is the same weekend as the Mafeking Amateur Radio course.
    • Murray is having discussions to see if he can get some youth members on air.
    • As ALARA have made changes to facilitate Scouts being involved it would be good to have as many youth members on air during the contest as possible.
    • ALARA is encouraging females to apply for their grants to assist with getting on air.
    • It was suggested that we include details of this funding in our relevant advertising.
    • Contest details at ALARA Website > Contests

    ALARA Grant may be available to females applying for a Foundation Licence or upgrading to a Standard or Advanced Amateur Radio Licence. The grant is equal to approximately half the cost of the fees for assessment, licence and callsign. In addition, we would provide a complimentary membership to ALARA for one year. - See

Other Event Notes:

  • A national Scouts STEM event is being held online across all states on Saturday 28th August 2021.
  • Next year we could consider tying the ALARA contest in with Science Week events.

Upcoming Training Courses

  • Marine Radio SROCP – Williamstown (Saturday 31st July 2021)
  • Amateur Foundation – Wattle Glen (Saturday 7th/Sunday 8th August 2021)
  • Amateur Foundation – Mafeking Rover Park (Friday 27th August to Sunday 29th August 2021)

Program Support

Support Development

ScoutHike Equipment Working Group

Refer to June 2021 meeting item 3.j.v:

We need to investigate repeater power in the form of additional batteries and/or a remote start generator in the trailer. Peter Chaplin is looking into the draw of the two repeaters in the trailer.

i. Current batteries are four of at least 100Ah each.

ii. We did run a generator over the weekend, but it didn’t last long.

iii. Overgrowth at Rocky Track location is resulting in solar panels on the trailer being less effective.

iv. Given previous offers from ScoutHike to assist with financing a generator, we should put forward a request outlining estimated cost.

v. A small group should be formed to work with ScoutHike on this project.

  • Kent is happy to assist with this project, but not lead.
  • Has Kevin had any further discussions with ScoutHike?

Jamboree on the Trail (JOTT) - 8th May 2021

Murray has provided the following list of amateur operators who assisted with the JOTT event on 8th May 2021:

Callsign Name
VK3MJT Murray Taylor
VK3KJM Kieran McGuinness
VK3EMB Michael Barrett
VK3YSP Joe Gonzales (operated as VK3SRC)
VK3FOWL Julie Gonzales (operated as VK3SRC)
VK3KIM Ken Millis
VK3VAJ David Shean

James Roy is not licenced but was with Ken Millis as an interested observer.

Upcoming Support Events

  • Night Owl at Barrys Reef (Saturday 11th to Sunday 12th September 2021)
    • Mark is compiling Radio Mobile coverage maps to assist operators with planning.

Additional Business

  • Murray is acquiring four UHF handhelds which will be available for use at activities.
  • The SRESU and JOTA pages on the WIA website need updating.
  • Murray is interested in establishing a “permanent” fox hunting site at 1st Central Moorabbin (179-185 Bignell Road, Bentleigh East) with the idea that an event runs one night a month, perhaps on a Monday evening. Dates and further details to be advised.
  • It was agreed that Bryan may purchase one of the Unit's two large HP server racks for $100. Peter Chaplin has one of these racks in storage at Yallourn North.
  • Philip has received 4 Trimble Thunderbolt GPS Units (1 second pulse, 10 MHz), which are useful for digital modes. If any members are interested in one of these units, please discuss with Philip.

Equipment Hire Notes

  • SPOT is not to be booked out for the week of NightOwl (Monday 6th to Sunday 12th September 2021) as it will be given to the last patrol to leave for our tracking purposes.
  • Peter McDonald has requested handheld radios for Gilweroo (Friday 19th to Sunday 21st November 2021)

Meeting Closed: 9.50pm

Next Meeting: 7.30pm, Tuesday 10th August 2021 at the BATCave, Legana Street, Mt Waverley