Scout Radio & Electronics Service Unit

Minutes - August Monthly Meeting

Tuesday 10th August, 7.30pm

Online via Zoom

Chair: Luke Byrnes

Minutes: Andy King

Meeting Opened: 7.33pm


Allison Burdon, Andy King, Daniel Gutsell, Francisco Rojo, Gemma Nash, Jenny Adams, Karl Donald, Kent Cochran, Kevin Bedford, Luke Byrnes, Matt Cengia, Murray Taylor, Neil Wilson, Peter Watkins, Philip Adams, Quintin Coutinho


Alan Stratford, Mark Perkins


Alister Blaney, Greg Lipschitz, Hayden McManus, Peter Chaplin, Peter Fraser

Action Items Summary

A summary of previous outstanding action items is included below.

Expected Delivery Reference Description Lead Assist
Jul 2021 Jul 2021 > VicJam Establish a subcommittee to plan for VicJam Philip
Jul 2021 Jul 2021 > Admin > Finance Invoice ScoutHike, Hoadley Hide Allison Andy
Jul 2021 Jul 2021 > Program Planning > Activities Contact with Hallam Scouts Luke Allison Gemma
Jul 2021 Jul 2021 > Program Planning > Activities Contact 1st Reservoir Joey Unit Neil Luke
Aug 2021 Jul 2021 > Program Planning > Activities Plan 4th Brunswick Cub Unit Night Murray
Aug 2021 Jul 2021 > Program Planning > Activities > JOTA Contact Brett Nicholas re: JOTA Badge Design Luke
Aug 2021 Jul 2021 > VicJam VicJam gear availability inventory using Google Forms/Sheets Philip
Aug 2021 Jul 2021 > Program Planning > Activities Contact 1st Sandringham Cub Unit Murray
Aug 2021 Jul 2021 > Program Planning > Activities Contact Sue Keks re: Boroondara District Cubs Day Murray
Aug 2021 Jul 2021 > Finance > Bank Account Updates Paperwork to change bank account signatories Andy
Aug 2021 Jul 2021 > VicJam Follow up on FM transmitter request for VicJam FM Philip
Aug 2021 Aug 2021 > Program Planning > Activities 1st Sandringham Scouts Activity, Mon 23rd Aug Murray Karl, Luke
Sep 2021 Jul 2021 > VicJam VicJam Adult Registration --- ---
Sep 2021 Jul 2021 > VicJam Past course attendees Luke Philip, Kent
Sep 2021 Jul 2021 > VicJam Contact Icom and WIA for sponsorship capabilities for VicJam
Sep 2021 Jun 2021 > 6.b.ii.1 COVID Management Plan for ARISS
Sep 2021 Jul 2021 > Program Support > ScoutHike Liaise with ScoutHike re: equipment Kevin Kent
Sep 2021 Aug 2021 > Program Planning Organise 1st Upwey Scout Night Kevin Dan
Sep 2021 Aug 2021 > Program Support Organise support for Night Owl Alan Mark
Oct 2021 Jul 2021 > Program Planning > Activities > JOTA Construct additional Fox Hunting equipment Bryan
Nov 2021 Jul 2021 > VicJam WSPR station setup for VicJam
Nov 2021 Aug 2021 > Program Planning > Activities Planning for Boroondara District Cubs Day Murray Luke
Nov 2021 Aug 2021 > Program Planning > Activities Organise date for Moreland Darebin District Joeys Day Neil
Nov 2021 Aug 2021 > Program Planning > Activities 1st Sandringham Cubs Night Karl Murray

Meeting Items


Chair's Comments

Previous Minutes

It was moved by Murray Taylor and Philip Adams that the minutes of the SRESU meeting held Tuesday 12th July 2021 be adopted, with the addition of Mark Perkins to attendees list. Carried unanimously.


Account Balance on Monday 9th August 2021
Cheque Account $4,222.45
Savings Account $7,437.00

Further details are included in the finance report attached as Appendix 1.

Program Review

  1. Marine Radio Training Course at Williamstown - Saturday 31st July. The course went well with eight participants.

  2. Last minute VicJam site inspection at Elmore Events Centre occurred on Sunday 1st August 2021. Notes from Murray are included in Appendix 2.

  3. Amateur Foundation – Wattle Glen (Saturday 7th/Sunday 8th August 2021). Course did not run due to COVID lockdown. Registrants offered transfer to the Mafeking Course (Friday 27th - Sunday 29th August) with difference of course fees to be paid, offered credit to a future course, or offered refunds where applicable (net cost of Foundation books).

Program Planning

Program Activities - Dates Known

4th Brunswick Cubs - Thursday 19th August, 6.30pm

  • Murray has confirmed this activity for Thursday 19th August with approx. 40 Cubs.
  • Thursday 9th September has been set as a fallback date in the event that 19th August cannot go ahead.
  • Call for assistance:
    • 2 extra fox hunting sniffers, if possible
    • SSTV (Andy)
    • Additional volunteers to assist

Activity details:

Activity night at 4th Brunswick on Thursday 19 August - commencing from 1830. 4th Brunswick have a 40-strong Cub pack ... Brian - I would like to borrow at least two more foxhunt sniffers, and would like to have 2-3 more team members on hand, with activities. I hope to have 4 off ISM band HT units with me for them to try message passing, but if someone else can provide some indoor activities (andy Image transmission?, anyone phonetic nought/crosses etc? ) to create some rotations. I might be able to establish an external operator to 'have a chat' with the Cubs on 2m.
  • Murray has not received ISM handheld radios yet.
  • Murray has arranged a couple of external operators (who assisted with JOTT) as remote contacts on 147.475 MHz simplex.
  • Dan may be available as another remote contact.
  • Neil, Andy, Kent have all agreed to assist. Philip will assist if available.
  • Murray will advise ASAP if postponed.

1st Sandringham Scout Unit (Alexander Donald, Scout) - Monday 23rd August

Hello My name is Alexander and I have been allocated a night to plan and run for this term for the Scouts. My dad has been learning about radios and the electronics. I am interested the other Scouts learning more about how they work with signals and using them to talk to people in other countries or states because we use mobile phones but dont really know how they work. I am also thinking that we could make a easy radio and play a morse code game. The night my leaders have given me to plan and lead is 23rd of august from 7pm to 9pm Are you able to help me organise this night please Alexander

  • It appears that this is more of a STEM/technology focussed activity.
  • Lead: Murray // Assist: Karl, Luke

1st Upwey Scout Unit (Tim Allchin) - Thursday 2nd OR 9th September

Thanks for all your work! We would like to have a radio night at our hall on Thursday 2nd or 9th September this year. We have had a number of these nights over the years as our introduction to JOTA which we have attended for many years. These nights have generally been a series of rotational activities including fox hunting, radio battleships, mast erection and talking over a short wave radio. We start opening parade at 7.30 but arrive at 6.45-7pm to setup and finish with closing parade at 9.20. There is generally a window of 90 minutes for the rotations.

  • Kevin and family are taking lead on this request.
  • Dan may be available to assist.
  • Kevin has not heard back from Tim, and will continue to follow up.

1st Sandringham Cubs - Thursday 18th November

Interested in finding out more about activities for Cubs, possibly a fox hunting activity.

  • Lead: Karl // Assist: Murray

Boroondara District (Sue Keks) - Sunday 28th November - note revised date

  • foxhunting, message handling, etc etc
  • this event is outdoors, though there is a hall that could be available depending on the other activities that they plan.

Original request:

We're having an activity day for the District cubs, very much along the STEM lines, and the cubs have specifically asked for fox hunting! Can I also ask what the electronics kit building would involve - costs, time required, facilities required (eg indoor/ outside under a marquee), whether we could cycle 150 cubs through? Now that I've seen it on the list, I'm curious! (Had been thinking of cubs moving round bases of somewhere around 30-45 mins each) PS that's 1st Balwyn (my home pack) with Murray Taylor in the photo!!

  • Luke will discuss with Murray.

Program Activities - Dates not set

Hallam Scout Group (Nagy Mourad)

I am the Group Leader of the Hallam Scouts and I would like to explore available programs and suitability for numerous sections please, I can then get section leaders to discuss details including dates. We have all sections from Joeys to Venturers but in varied numbers. Thank you

  • Luke will follow up with Hallam Scout Group.

Moreland Darebin District Joeys Day (orig. 1st Reservoir) (Phillip Bailey)

Neil has contacted Phillip Bailey.

After a brief email introducing myself/ the unit - Phil from 1st Reservoir Joeys indicated that they'd had significant interest in this activity at a district level and would like to run it as a Radio Unit Come and Try day for their district, which has 12 Joey mobs.

Their preference is for it to happen on a Sunday in term 4 preferably a Sunday in the back end of November/ start of December.

I indicated that from our perspective term 4 is likely to be reasonably busy with JOTA, VicJam prep and other activities so we would need to consider it at our next team meeting and get back to him with some potential dates.

From the previous list of activities I'm thinking it would be best set up as a series of bases with patrols rotating between them. From our list, potential activities for this age group could be:

+ Using conductive play dough to build simple circuits + Playing games such as battleships or hangman with a twist by using the Phonetic Alphabet and learning some simple radio procedures along the way + Building a simple skill tester and using it to compete against others + Fox hunting - patrols of hounds hunting out hidden radio transmitters using sniffers (specialised radio receivers coupled with a directional antenna to sniff out a signal). + Teaching component identification and using circuit building blocks to create simple circuits.

I haven't discussed this with anyone yet but if we are going to run a SSTV activity for VicJam this may also be a chance to use it as a trial run in place of one of the activities above. - Neil

  • Andy, Alli, Luke, Kevin, Neil have volunteered in principle.
  • Date discussed was Sunday 7th November, however further thought needs to be given to this due to potential clash with pre-VicJam STEM day.

JOTA/JOTI 2021 - Friday 15th to Sunday 17th October 2021

National News

  • Badge design has been completed by ScoutShop & National, as reported by Brett.
  • New International registration system to provide NSO's with participant data.
  • VKJOTA portal to run independently again this year, with a view to assist in capturing information from registrations domestically that haven't made international registrations.
  • VKJOTA to integrate with WOSM JOTI/JOTA registration in future years to have an accessible and useful single source of truth for Australian Amateurs to contact each other on.
  • No reports required from each State on participants this year, eliminated by the capabilities of the WOSM registration site.
  • Badges to still be sold in Victoria exclusively on the VKJOTIJOTA website, therefore, no change here.

Victorian JOTA Considerations

Request for assistance in running a JOTA program this year:

Dear radio comms team, Is JOTA/JOTI 2021 Friday 15th October 2021 - 12:00 am (midnight AEST)? What is required and how do we give Scouts from our group the opportunity to participate? We do not have our own radio communications, but the youth have their mobile phones. Are there radio communications app for their phones, so their phones work like walkie talkies etc?

From Lianna (Chil), 1st Kilmore.

  • Suggest offer Karen the opportunity to work with the Group.

Planning Notes

  • Dan has been approached to run a JOTA station at Clifford Park.
  • Peter Watkins usually runs a portable station in Sunbury for the local district.
    • HF and C4FM (via local repeater)
  • Philip has suggested Zoom as a fallback option, as per last year, in the event of lockdown.
    • to be workshopped at the September meeting.

Amateur Events

  • RD Contest (Saturday 14th/Sunday 15th August 2021)
  • International Lighthouse Weekend (Saturday 21st/Sunday 22nd August 2021)
    • We had a tentative booking for a hall at Queenscliff and Philip was looking into access to the Fort.
    • No longer looking at pursuing this event on location at Queenscliff due to COVID uncertainties. An event to revisit in 2022.
  • ALARA Contest (Saturday 28th/Sunday 29th August 2021)
    • This is the same weekend as the Mafeking Amateur Radio course.
    • As ALARA have made changes to facilitate Scouts being involved it would be good to have as many youth members on air during the contest as possible.
    • ALARA is encouraging females to apply for their grants to assist with getting on air.
    • It was suggested that we include details of this funding in our relevant advertising.
    • Contest details at ALARA Website > Contests

    ALARA Grant may be available to females applying for a Foundation Licence or upgrading to a Standard or Advanced Amateur Radio Licence. The grant is equal to approximately half the cost of the fees for assessment, licence and callsign. In addition, we would provide a complimentary membership to ALARA for one year. - See

  • Murray is still looking at drumming up interest in Melbourne Region with the option of running from his local Scout hall.
  • Dan is keen to help somewhere on this weekend.
    • One of Dan's Scouts is interested and is on the STEM Council.
  • A call out for any Youth Members we know of who may be interested in training. Training is likely able to be subsidised for interested Youth Members.

Upcoming Training Courses

  • Amateur Foundation – Wattle Glen (Saturday 7th/Sunday 8th August 2021) (did not run due to lockdown 6)
  • Amateur Foundation – Mafeking Rover Park (Friday 27th August to Sunday 29th August 2021) - participant registration dampened due to lockdowns, invitees still to register. Course has been thrown open to all ages, onsite camping available.
    • All are welcome to attend, even if not directly involved in training. A contest station will be running to participate in the ALARA contest.


A discussion was held after SRESU business was concluded.

Program Support

Support Development

ScoutHike Equipment Working Group

  • Kevin is prepared to lead this project. Kent is still happy to assist.

Upcoming Support Events

Night Owl at Eumeralla (Saturday 11th to Sunday 12th September 2021)

  • Mark is compiling Radio Mobile coverage maps to assist operators with planning.
  • Call for volunteers to assist at the event will come through from Alan shortly.
  • Lead: Alan // Assist: Mark

Program Enrichment

Skipping for the month due to Zoom meeting reducing the effectiveness of this item.

Additional Business

  • No items arising.

Meeting Closed: 8.37pm

Next Meeting: 7.30pm, Tuesday 14th September 2021 at the BATCave, Legana Street, Mt Waverley


  • Subcommittee meeting was held on Monday 26th July
  • Last minute Elmore site visit occurred on Sunday 1st August

Subcommittee meetings are being held on the last Monday of the month from 8pm. Next meeting: Monday 30th August

VicJam Notes have been moved to the VicJam meeting. Summary reports and key external action items only will be provided in the SRESU meeting agenda and minutes.

A discussion was held, mostly around outcomes of the site visit and future planning required.

  • ARISS are keen for a draft COVID Safe plan soon.
  • Discussion around options for telebridge for ISS link. Robert Broomhead is assisting with this.
  • Dan has been in touch with School Amateur Radio Club and they are prepared to bring a satellite tracker to VicJam.

Appendix 1

Scout Radio & Electronics Service Unit

Finance Report - August Meeting

Prepared Monday 9th August 2021

Account Balances

Account Balance on Monday 9th August 2021
Cheque Account $4,222.45
Savings Account $7,437.00

Outstanding Items

  • Awaiting payment for ScoutHike invoice ($1,682.50)
  • Awaiting payment for Hoadley Hide repeater hire invoice ($150.00)
  • Awaiting payment for SPOT hire invoice, 1st Bannockburn, May 2021 ($50.00)
  • Awaiting payment for Comms Rack from Bryan Ackerly ($100.00)
  • Reimbursement to Philip Adams for Williamstown Marine Exams ($712.00)

Cheque Account (013599 268166933)

Date Description Debit Credit Balance
14 Jul 2021 Opening Balance $5,415.85
22 Jul 2021 Philip Adams - Reimbursement for Training Materials Postage $56.50 $5,359.35
22 Jul 2021 Philip Adams - Reimbursement for Geelong Foundation Exams $270.00 $5,089.35
22 Jul 2021 Philip Adams - Reimbursement for Ivanhoe Marine Exams $1,157.00 $3,932.35
5 Aug 2021 Scouts Victoria - Course Fees received for Geelong Foundation Course $320.00 $4,252.35
9 Aug 2021 Andy King - Reimbursement for SPOT Postage (1st Bannockburn) & Batteries $29.90 $4,222.45
9 Aug 2021 Closing Balance $4,222.45

Savings Account (013599 268169069)

Date Description Debit Credit Balance
14 Jul 2021 Opening Balance $7,436.70
30 Jul 2021 Interest $0.30 $7,437.00
9 Aug 2021 Closing Balance $7,437.00