Scout Radio & Electronics Service Unit

Minutes - March Monthly Meeting

Tuesday 8th March 2022, 7.30pm

BATCave, Legana Street, Mount Waverley

Chair: Luke Byrnes

Minutes: Andy King

Meeting Opened: 7.47pm


Andy King, Daniel Gutsell, Jenny Adams, Kent Cochran, Luke Byrnes, Matt Cengia, Murray Taylor, Neil Wilson, Peter Chaplin, Philip Adams

Online: Bryan Ackerly, Karl Donald


Alan Stratford, Allison Burdon, David Timms, Gemma Nash, Greg Lipschitz, Hayden McManus, Karen Merlo, Kevin Bedford, Mark Perkins


Alan Kanowitz, Alberto Scelsi, Alister Blaney, Andrew Canet, Ash Clark, Ben Hodder, Benjamin Hamilton, Bradley Clarke, Francisco Rojo, Jodie Bedford, Juliet Montague, Kieran McGuinness, Peter Fraser, Peter Watkins, Quintin Coutinho, Sarah Thom

Action Items Summary

Expected Delivery Reference Description Lead Assist
Sep 2021 Jul 2021 > Program Support > ScoutHike Liaise with ScoutHike re: equipment Kevin Kent
Nov 2022 Nov 2021 > Program Review > JOTA/JOTI 2021 Provide complete set of JOTA 2021 Logsheets to Kent Andy
Feb 2022 Sep 2021 > Program Planning > Activities Revisit 1st Upwey Scout Unit Activity Request Kevin
Mar 2022 Oct 2021 > Additional Business Explore First Aid training opportunities for team Luke
Mar 2022 Feb 2021 > Program Planning Work with Heany Park Joeys re Activity Request
Mar 2022 Feb 2021 > Program Activities Work with 19th Camberwell re Activity Request Murray
Mar 2022 Feb 2021 > Program Planning Work with 1st Torquay Cubs re Activity Request Luke
Mar 2022 Feb 2021 > Program Planning Work with 4th Brunswick Scouts re Activity Request Neil
Mar 2022 Feb 2021 > Program Planning Work with 1st Tally Ho/Whitehorse re Activity Request Daniel
Mar 2022 Feb 2021 > Program Planning Work with 1st Alphington Scouts re Activity Request Luke Neil?
Mar 2022 Feb 2021 > Program Planning Work with 1st Glen Iris re Activity Request Luke Murray?
Mar 2022 Feb 2021 > Program Planning Work with Oakleigh Coptic Scout Group re Activity Request Luke
Mar 2022 Mar 2021 > Program Planning Provide full details of 'Requests for Service' to Activity Leads Andy
Mar 2022 Mar 2021 > Program Planning Provide details of Heany Park Joeys request to STEM Andy
Apr 2022 Sep 2021 > Program Planning > Activities Planning for Moreland Darebin District Joeys Day Request Neil
Apr 2022 Mar 2021 > Program Planning Work with 19th Camberwell (Monday Cubs) re Activity Request Murray Andy
Apr 2022 Mar 2021 > Program Planning Work with Hazel Glen Scouts re Activity Request Philip
Apr 2022 Mar 2021 > Program Planning Work with Narre Warren South Scouts re Activity Request Murray
Apr 2022 Mar 2021 > Program Planning Propose training dates for marine and amateur courses Philip

Meeting Items


Previous Minutes

It was moved by Murray Taylor and Philip Adams that the minutes of the SRESU meeting held Tuesday 8th February 2022 be adopted. Carried unanimously.


Account Balance on Monday 7 March 2022
STEM - State Radio (Bendigo Bank) $7,435.00
Cheque Account (ANZ) $6.86
Savings Account (ANZ) $0.04

Further details are included in the finance report attached as Appendix 1.

Program Review

Formation19th Camberwell
DateTuesday 1st March 2022
  • Activity went well, with three activities running:
    • Fox hunting in the park next to the hall
    • Message passing worked well when moved outside and participants were out of sight of each other
    • Noughts and crosses and radio procedure

Program Planning

Program Activities - Dates Known/confirmed

No currently confirmed activities with known dates.

Program Activities - Dates not set/not confirmed

Original requests and full activity details are in Appendix 2. Activities to be revisit or followed up are in Appendix 3.

New requests

FormationHazel Glen Scout Group
ContactGurteg Singh
RequestHello! I am Gurteg, from Hazel Glen scout group. I am planning a radio and electronics night for my scout group with my friend, Mason. We are looking at doing fox hunting, an electronics activity of some sort and an activity about using and learning about amateur radios. We came across this website during our research and thought to contact you to ask if you could provide the activity for us. Our scout nights are Tuesday, 7-9 pm and the date we are looking to run this night is 5/4/2022. Our scout group's email is Thanks, please reply soon.
  • Tentative Lead: Philip
  • Andy will provide details to Philip
FormationNarre Warren South Scout Unit
ContactAndrew Stelling
RequestWe would like to borrow the equipment for fox hunting in Term 1, let the Scouts have a go, and then discuss some strategies that will improve their game
  • Lead: Murray
  • Andy will provide details to Murray
  • Unit night is Thursday
Formation19th Camberwell Cubs (Monday Night Unit)
ContactChristian Burns
RequestHi Team, I am one of the leaders for the Monday night Cub Scout pack for the 19th Camberwell Group. We would love it if you could come and run a fox hunting night and other activities the Cub Scouts might enjoy relating to Radio and Electronic communications. We typically get around 20 Cubs in an evening. The feedback from your recent night for the Tuesday Cubs for our group was very positive so a similar program would be ideal. Thanks
  • Lead: Murray
  • Assist: Andy
  • Andy will provide details to Murray
  • Aiming for Term 2

In progress

FormationMoreland Darebin District Joeys Day/1st Reservoir
SectionJoeys Cubs
AssistAndy, Alli, Luke, Kevin
  • No further updates. Neil will follow up.
Formation1st Torquay
ContactClaire Passlow
RequestWe had a group of cubs attend CubJam and visited your space - for some it was the highlight of their day. They were interested in Radio and Electronics communication. At our recent unit council, they expressed interest in some further activities in this area. Any support or resources would be welcome. Claire, Parent Helper.
  • Will look into program resources we can send to the Unit.
Formation4th Brunswick
ContactLachie Kelly
RequestHi we would like to organize a fox hunting night for our scouts
  • Neil has a Scout who wants to run a fox hunt night - possible combined night with his group.
  • Neil is following up, including what night they meet.
Formation1st Tally Ho/Whitehorse
ContactAdam Clyde
RequestHi some of our scouts liked Fox Hunting at VicJam & would like to give it another go.
  • Dan is planning a RadioActiv8 night combined with fox hunting
  • Term 2
Formation1st Alphington
ContactTessa Hughes
RequestHi , we would like to invite you to a Tuesday evening session to engage scouts about general information to build radios and other information you think would be helpful We have 7- 9 pm sessions Thanks Tessa Hughes - leader
  • Offer RadioActiv8
  • Luke will follow up.
Formation1st Glen Iris
ContactMike Lukins
RequestHI! I am a scout leader for a unit of 50 scouts. We are starting to plan our 2022 program, and are interested in a scout radio event at some stage. What do you offer that would be interesting / fun for a scout troop such as ours? Could you come along on a Wednesday evening and run a night for us? Thanks for your help, Mike
  • Offer RadioActiv8
  • Luke will follow up.
Formation1st Upwey
ContactTim Allchin
RequestPre-JOTA Activity Night 2021 - revisit in 2022 to see what we can offer. Original request in Appendix 3.
  • No further updated received.
FormationHeany Park, Knox District Joey Camp
ContactLouise Robertson
RequestHi, we are running a District Joey camp [at Heany Park Scout Hall, Makeham Avenue, Rowville], for approx 60 joeys. Would you be interested in running an activity base on Sunday 20th March 10am to 12 (noon). Thank you
  • We are unlikely to be able to assist due to other commitments.
  • Andy will contact STEM team to see if they are able to assist.
FormationOakleigh Coptic Scout Group
ContactPhilip Awadalla
RequestGeneric request - JOTA activity base and electronics kit building queries.
  • Luke will contact to scope more information on what they are looking for.

StarTrek:Survival Camp - Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd July

  • STEM-based camp at Mafeking in conjunction with the STEM Youth Council
  • Please contact Luke if you are interested in assisting with an amateur radio station of VicJam style - aiming to line up with Scout camps across Australia for contacts.
  • Opportunity for any range of activities - building antennas, building radios, crystal sets, etc.

Amateur Events

  • John Moyle Memorial Field Day (JMMFD) - Sat 19th/Sun 20th March 2022
    • Mafeking Amateur Radio Group at Mafeking Rover Park
    • Future idea: Activ8 the State - reach out to major Scout camps, find out who's camping, and offer JMMFD as an activity
  • Jamboree on the Trail (JOTT) - Sunday 15th May
    • Murray would appreciate any operators who are available for the Sunday
  • Any other amateur events in the first half of 2022 that would be of interest in a Scouting context?

Training Courses

  • Marine
    • Philip would like to run a training course at Sandringham
    • Philip was asked to propose dates for marine courses.
  • Amateur
    • Mafeking
      • Backlog of interested participants here
    • Philip is considering running a two-weekend workshop/training series
    • Philip will also look into possible dates pre-June and liaise with Luke, Kent, Neil
      • Planning for a metro, non-residential event at Wattle Glen or the Whitehorse STEM Centre
    • Aiming to have multiple courses in the second half of the year across our rural locations

Program Support

  • Cuboree 2023 (September 2023)

    • Possible fox hunting as spare time activity
      • Plan to have appropriate equipment available
      • What cost to Cuboree?
  • Fox hunting equipment

    • Murray proposed having the fox hunting equipment more accessible.
    • Murray will oversee the Unit's fox hunting equipment, including keeping track of its location, condition and upcoming activities. Maintenance requests will be directed to Bryan.
    • Stocktake in August to ensure availability and condition of equipment for JOTA.

Support Development

ScoutHike Equipment Working Group

  • Lead: Kevin
  • Assist: Kent

No report provided.

  • Kent will follow up with Kevin.

Upcoming Support Events

  • Hoadley Hide - Easter weekend, Friday 15th to Monday 18th April 2022 - trailer & comms support requested as per previous hires.
    • Kent is available to assist
    • Who is collecting and returning the repeater trailer, and when?
      • Luke will liase with Peter Chaplin regarding trailer and requirements.
    • Replacing Rogaining activity with a RadioActiv8 activity.
    • Register at for $45
  • ScoutHike - Friday 13th to Sunday 15th May 2022
    • Luke is intending to run a radio activity base at ScoutHike off the back of the success of VicJam
    • If there are interested Scouts at your sleep point, put out a CQ! Encourage them to have a go.

Puffing Billy Running Festival

  • Possibly rescheduled to August.

Program Enrichment

Next month: Overview of RadioActiv8

Additional Business

  • 'Welcome pack' for new licensees
    • Please send ideas to Neil
  • Antenna 'masts' available - speak to Murray for details
  • Return of VicJam items via QStore is in the process of happening. All equipment will be returned.
  • Requests for marine radio training coming through Philip - see Training section above.
  • Murray prepared an article about Amateur Radio at VicJam, and this has been sent to the 'Amateur Radio' magazine, Scout Magazine, and Icom
  • Karl is proposing a district Cubs day for the Bayside District, currently aiming for Term 3, with a radio/comms/tech theme.

Meeting Closed: 8.37pm

Next Meeting: Tuesday 12th April 2022, 7.30pm

Appendix 1

Scout Radio & Electronics Service Unit

Finance Report - March 2022 Meeting

Prepared Monday 7 March 2022

Account Balances

Account Balance on Monday 7 March 2022
STEM - State Radio (Bendigo Bank) $7,435.00
Cheque Account (ANZ) $6.86
Savings Account (ANZ) $0.04

Outstanding Items

  • Awaiting payment for ScoutHike 2021 invoice ($1,682.50)
  • Awaiting payment for VK3SCM, Mafeking Amateur Radio Group
  • Awaiting payment for VK3RMP, Mafeking Rover Park
  • Awaiting payment for VK3SBP Costs
  • Awaiting payment for Sandringham Cubs Activity Night
  • Awaiting payment for Sandringham Scouts Activity Night
  • Awaiting payment for 19th Camberwell Cubs Activity Night

Scouts Victoria STEM - State Radio (633000 190363002) - Bendigo Bank

Date Description Debit Credit Balance
22 Feb '22 Opening Balance $0.00
22 Feb '22 Transfer SRESU Cheque (ANZ) to
STEM - State Radio (Bendigo Bank)
$5,000.00 $5,000.00
23 Feb '22 Transfer SRESU Cheque (ANZ) to
STEM - State Radio (Bendigo Bank)
$2,450.00 $7,450.00
1 Mar '22 Monthly Service Fee $15.00 $7,435.00
7 Mar '22 Closing Balance $7,435.00

Savings Account (013599 268169069) - ANZ

Date Description Debit Credit Balance
8 Feb '22 Opening Balance $7,437.95
22 Feb '22 Transfer Savings to Cheque $0.45 $7,437.50
22 Feb '22 Transfer Savings to Cheque $7,437.50 $0.00
28 Feb '22 Interest $0.04 $0.04
7 Mar '22 Closing Balance $0.04

Cheque Account (013599 268166933) - ANZ

Date Description Debit Credit Balance
8 Feb '22 Opening Balance $606.81
11 Feb '22 Brad Griffiths
Amateur Radio Badge
$6.10 $612.91
11 Feb '22
VicJam T Shirts
$594.00 $18.91
22 Feb '22 Transfer Savings to Cheque $0.45 $19.36
22 Feb '22 Transfer Savings to Cheque $7,437.50 $7,456.86
22 Feb '22 Transfer SRESU Cheque (ANZ)
to STEM - State Radio (Bendigo Bank)
$5,000.00 $2,456.86
23 Feb '22 Transfer SRESU Cheque (ANZ)
to STEM - State Radio (Bendigo Bank)
$2,450.00 $6.86
7 Mar '22 Closing Balance $6.86

Appendix 2

Activities: Details for upcoming activities

Moreland Darebin District Joeys Day/1st Reservoir (Phillip Bailey)

  • Lead: Neil
  • Assist: Andy, Alli, Luke, Kevin

Previous details (Neil Wilson):

After a brief email introducing myself/ the unit - Phil from 1st Reservoir Joeys indicated that they'd had significant interest in this activity at a district level and would like to run it as a Radio Unit Come and Try day for their district, which has 12 Joey mobs.

Their preference is for it to happen on a Sunday in term 4 preferably a Sunday in the back end of November/ start of December.

I indicated that from our perspective term 4 is likely to be reasonably busy with JOTA, VicJam prep and other activities so we would need to consider it at our next team meeting and get back to him with some potential dates.

From the previous list of activities I'm thinking it would be best set up as a series of bases with patrols rotating between them. From our list, potential activities for this age group could be:

Activity ideas:

+ Using conductive play dough to build simple circuits + Playing games such as battleships or hangman with a twist by using the Phonetic Alphabet and learning some simple radio procedures along the way + Building a simple skill tester and using it to compete against others + Fox hunting - patrols of hounds hunting out hidden radio transmitters using sniffers (specialised radio receivers coupled with a directional antenna to sniff out a signal). + Teaching component identification and using circuit building blocks to create simple circuits. + Potentially an SSTV activity - trial run for VicJam activity - There will be other sections attending, Cubs and Scouts so we have been asked to target the 5-9 year old age group in designing the activities. - It is expect there to be approximately 150 children in Joeys and Cubs attending - The location will be around the Pascoe Vale swimming pool, either on the grounds around the swimming pool or in the park next door - Contact is Alison - District Leader *Update, Tuesday 8th February 2022* - Neil spoke to organisers tonight - Now proposing a date in May - Ideas include fox hunting, conductive play dough, hands on activities - May extend activity to four-five hours - No clarity yet on numbers of youth members, duration of rotations, etc. - Original concept was to get as many youth members to experience radio in some form as possible - Neil will suggest Saturday 28th May, and find out - - How many sessions? - How many youth members per session? - How long is a session? - Neil will liaise with Luke. Luke/Andy will advise pricing for this activity. - Luke will advise Sarah of request and explore possibility of STEM Youth Council running an activity.

Appendix 3

Activities: Dates not set

New activity requests received this month are provided within the agenda body under Program Planning.

1st Upwey Scout Unit (Tim Allchin)

  • Lead: Kevin & family
  • Assist: Dan
  • Nothing further has been heard from the group regarding a pre-JOTA activity.
  • Contact the group again in 2022 to see how we can assist with program delivery.

Original request:

Thanks for all your work! We would like to have a radio night at our hall on Thursday 2nd or 9th September this year (2021). We have had a number of these nights over the years as our introduction to JOTA which we have attended for many years. These nights have generally been a series of rotational activities including fox hunting, radio battleships, mast erection and talking over a short wave radio. We start opening parade at 7.30 but arrive at 6.45-7pm to setup and finish with closing parade at 9.20. There is generally a window of 90 minutes for the rotations.

Appendix 4

VicJam article

Contributed by Murray Taylor, and distributed to Amateur Radio Magazine, Scout Magazine, and Icom.

See Appendix 4 (page 17) of Minutes PDF