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JOTA Calling Frequencies

Please QSY off the Calling Frequency once you have established a contact.

World Scout HF Calling Frequencies

BandSSB (phone)CW (morse)
80 m3.690 MHz & 3.940 MHz3.570 MHz
40 m7.090 & 7.190 MHz7.030 MHz
20 m14.290 MHz14.060 MHz
17 m18.140 MHz18.080 MHz
15 m21.360 MHz21.140 MHz
12 m24.960 MHz24.910 MHz
10 m28.390 MHz28.180 MHz
6 m50.160 MHz50.160 MHz

As per, 3rd September 2020.

Australian Scout HF Calling Frequencies

BandSSB (phone)CW (morse)
80 m3.650 MHz3.570 MHz
40 m7.090 MHz7.030 MHz
20 m14.190 MHz14.060 MHz
15 m21.190 MHz21.140 MHz
10 m28.590 MHz28.180 MHz
6 m52.160 MHz50.160 MHz

Scout Amateur Radio Victorian Repeaters

The VK3 ScoutNET Repeater Network is available for JOTA use. Please see the VK3 ScoutNET page for details. 

Digital Radio Mobile (DMR)

Details on DMR for JOTA can be found on the VK JOTI-JOTA Portal.


EchoLink is a popular format for Amateur Radio operators to communicate around the world. It provides interconnection between many local linked radios, repeaters and PCs, NotePads and smart phones. You will need to down load the application and register your callsign. The application works very well on various smart phones. Some configuration may be needed to work on private WiFi networks and Personal Computers.

EchoLink is an ideal way for Scouts and Girl Guides to get on air quickly once they have obtained their Amateur Radio license. Scouts and Guides are welcome to use the dedicated JOTA Conference servers, some of which are dedicated to specific languages.

In Australia we have *SCOUT-VK* and invite Scouts and Girl Guides to use this conference server. Other conference servers will be available for JOTA, search for JOTA or SCOUT.