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Preparing for JOTA & JOTI

Here you will find a quick check list to help you to ensure your JOTA / JOTI site is safe and ready for scouts to visit and have fun.


  • Have we registered for this year?
  • Are we operating a Scout Callsign for JOTA?
  • Have we obtained enough JOTA/JOTI badges for all participants?
  • Have checked that Amateur Radio promotion material is available?
  • Have we printed out the calling and operating frequencies?
  • Has any new RF noisy equipment or lighting been installed?

Campsites / Location

  • Sites checked in daylight for recent storm damage?
  • What is the bump in and bump out times at the camp or location?
  • Can we establish our station’s outdoor works during the weekend or days before?
  • Do we need any permits (e.g. to camp)?
  • Do we have a contingency plan if the weather gets in the way?
  • What are our plans for station pack up, do we have enough help?

Tents and tarps:

  • Have we minimised the likely hood of slips, trips and falls?
  • All guy ropes and pegs visible?
    • Consider a roll of caution or danger tape to:
      • improve visibility of pegs and guys
      • tape off any no-go areas
  • Have we fixed and temporary repairs from last camp?
  • Did we inspect and repair any damage since last used?


  • AC electrical power leads and equipment safe, would it pass Test and Tag?
  • Checked that all power leads and board are:
    • protected from weather?
    • located out of walkways and suspended on Catenary, well above head height?
  • Have we considered portable safety switches if using portable gear?
  • DC supplies or distribution correctly fused or overload protected?
  • Batteries inspected, charged, safe and protected from short circuit risks?
  • Battery terminals clean, sound and in good order?
  • All leads and cables are out of walk ways?
  • Have we taped or secured any loose cables?

Computers and the internet

  •  Internet access and bandwidth checked?
  • All computers updated before weekend?
    – consider switching updates off during the weekend to maximise bandwidth.
  • Software checked on all computers to be used.
  • User instructions printed out?
  • Code of conduct printed out?
  • All passwords have been checked and are secured but available to admin?
  • Networking gear checked and in good order
  • If using WiFi, check coverage and near-by channel usage

Antennas & RF Gear

  • Have we made any temporary repairs and not revisited the item since last used?
  • Have we taken weather into our planning including:
    • sun
    • wind
    • rain
    • lightning
  • Antennas still where we left them, checked and tested for recent damage?
  • Can we have our portable antennas:
    • up before pedestrian and vehicle traffic builds up?
    • out of reach and clearly visible (hazard tape)
  • Will we be working at heights to put up our antennas (i.e. on the roof)?
    • Can we do this safer?
    • beware of slips and falls!
  • Are the locations proposed for antennas safe?
    • If they blow down, what will they hit?
    • Are all antennas high enough so cars, bicycle riders and walkers can’t touch them?
  • Will our wire antennas, guy ropes, and cables be clearly visible?
  • Have we planned to rope or tape off and keep out of reach any RF Hot equipment?
  • Have we ensured that our tuners and gear is RF earthed where appropriate?
  • What are our plans for station pack up, do we have a safe plan if the weather gets in the way?

What else…

  • Spare connectors, fuses,pens, paper, electrical & duct tape
  • Log sheets
  • Soldering iron & solder
  • Put the cat out & turn off the iron :-).

When we get home after the event…

  • Charge all batteries don’t store them half flat.
  • Inspect all gear, make a list of things that need fixing
  • Put everything away
  • Can you do anything better next time?  Add this to the list.
  • Check all gear is clean and stowed dry.
  • Any disposable batteries are removed from portable equipment separately stowed
  • We suggest plastic zip top bags are ideal for keeping batteries or other small equipment tidy and dry