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Emergency & Communications

Be ready for an Emergency

All good Scouts will know BP’s message of Be Prepared, but are we?

Australia can throw up an emergency or two at any time.  Some common emergencies can catch us out. Storms, fire, flood, power outage, are just a few things that may cause us to reach for our emergency bag or kit…

A few tips to consider are listed below, how ready are you for the unexpected:

  • Do you have spare fresh drinking water in a sealed container?
  • Have you packed something for a quick meal (e.g. Musli Bars)?
  • Have you a waterproof torch and tested it monthly?
  • Do you have a battery radio to receive news, warnings and weather reports?
  • Do you have spare batteries for all of the above?
  • Have you a pen, pencil and paper or notebook handy?
  • Do you have family, friends and emergency contact numbers handy?
  • Do you have a phone that will work when the power goes off?
  • Do you rely on a mobile phone, is it charged and ready for work?
  • Have you a charger for the phone in your bag?
  • If you rely on the internet for information, will it work when the power goes off?
  • Can you lay your hands on a waterproof coat?
  • Do you have a change of clothing (both for warm and cold weather) in your bag?
  • Do you have spare medication or a reminder note to grab it if you leave home?
  • Have you a first aid kit handy?
  • If you have to leave home, have you told a friend or relative where you are going?
  • Have you a snack bar or two to keep your self going if meals are not available?
  • Could you improvise a simple radio station to aid your communications?

Emergency Communications Training

The Radio and Electronics team can provide Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders with the basics of Emergency Communications training.

If you wish to take this further, the SRESU encourages Leaders and Rovers to consider opportunities for training via the CFA, Volunteer Coast Guard, or SES.