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Clipsal T-Plug (DC Power)

The diagram shows the polarisation of T plugs used by members of the SRESU.

Some SRESU members use T plugs for connecting radio equipment to a power source.

One problem that often arises is how to wire these T plugs for use on DC.

There is no international standard for this type of connector and debate continues between NSW WICEN and Victorian WICEN as to what is the correct way to wire them.

Within the SRESU it has been accepted that we follow the Victorian WICEN convention.

This convention suggests that the more negative wire (often called ground or earth in automotive applications) should be black and the more positive wire should be red.

We recommend the caution when using these older connectors as they may be wired with reverse polarity. Many of our members and amateur operators in general have migrated to the Anderson Powerpole or Multipole connectors.