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Short Wave SDR – On Air

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Many radio enthusiasts including Scouts are experimenting with Software Defined Radio (SDR) modules to listen to various frequencies around the world. Unfortunately the radio frequency noise floor around many of our cities makes reception difficult to all but the strongest stations but don’t give up.

In recent times, many of these SDR receive stations are being placed online. When the receivers and antennas are located away from the city or local noise source, we can have a lot of fun listening to and identifying radio stations from around the world. You may hear news, music and many data transmissions from around the world. Some of the data transmissions you can even decode with a computer or smartphone app. More on how to do this in later posts.

Many online SDR stations can be accessed via the Kiwi-SDR project via this web site
You can also get information on each station via the interactive map Click on the flag to find out more about each station.

Please remember that most of these SDR stations are run by volunteers and at times Internet Bandwidth may limit the number of participants.

Have fun and let us know what you hear.

Have fun,

Philip – VK3JNI (16/Jan/2021)